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Monday, 18 December 2017

Tofu Cute’s Last Minute Gift Guide 2017

As we speed through the holiday season, the need to buy people unique gifts increases rapidly. But with very little time left, how do you find a cute and unique gift that is bound to make a lasting impression on someone close to you? Don’t panic! Tofu Cute is here to help with our first ever Holiday Gift Guide, to provide handy hints on what gifts to get your friends & family to make sure that they have a holiday to remember. With this helpful guide, you’ll quickly turn into a kawaii gift guru, and you’ll be loved by your peers for providing such thoughtful gifts. You can thank us later. For those who have been following the Tofu Cute social media over December, you’ll recognise some of these gift recommendations from the ones we’ve highlighted over #tofucutemas – but make no mistake – this post is the ultimate guide, and here we’ll be giving never-before-seen recommendations and the full scoop on which kawaii items you’ll need to make someone’s year!

For someone indecisive/adventurous - Lucky bags
Christmas is fast approaching, and your friend/family/co-worker/tennis partner still hasn’t decided what they want yet. It’s a difficult situation to be in, but thankfully, Tofu Cute provides an excellent gift for the indecisive (and adventurous) in your life: the Tofu Cute Lucky bag!

This recommendation is an easy one to make, because you can’t really go wrong with a Tofu Cute Lucky Bag! These wholesome gifts consist of re-usable bags that are absolutely filled to the brim with a premium selection of Japanese snacks, Amuse plushies, or a fun mixture of both. These bags come in a range of styles and options, so you can tailor your selection to the needs/cravings of your loved one. Know someone with a large appetite? Why not try the ‘sumo’ sized lucky bag and give them a massive selection of treats at a fantastic value! (we also provide options for vegetarians and vegans!) (̀ᴗ-)

   For people who like to create - DIY Kits
Do you know someone who likes to make things? Perhaps a photographer or an illustrator? If so, this might be the sort of unique gift to give them this holiday season. Whilst getting someone art supplies and craft foam may prove tiresome year after year, these DIY kits such as the Crepe dessert pictured below provide an experience unlike any other, as you mix various ingredients together to produce miniature candy versions of popular meals. These kits are a lot of fun to make with a friend, and they produce very aesthetically pleasing and tasty snacks that make for great photos (*^^*). Tofu Cute provides a range of Popin Cookin’ kits, where you can have fun making classic meals and Japanese dishes, including Takoyaki, Ramen, Pizza, Burgers, and the adorable Taiyaki and Dango kit! 

    For a Tofu Cute Veteran  - Tofu Cute Enamel Pins
Perhaps you need to find a small gift for a Tofu Cute fan that already has every Amuse plush and snack they could possibly want from our online store – if so, you may want to consider the Tofu Cute collectable enamel pins, which could make the perfect supplement to any selection of cute gifts.

These excellent little pins make a great accessory that can be worn alongside anything, as they prominently display designs of adorable mascot characters from Tofu Cute’s history. There are eight pins to collect – Tofu-kun, Nigiri, Panda-chan, Alpaca, Seedling, Hammy, Kawaii Poop and Woops Cat. These pins look awesome on their own but even better as a set, and budding collectors will definitely want to have them all! (^^)/

     For someone lazy - Gudetama Re-ment
Sanrio’s iconic character Gudetama represents a philosophy that certain people will just totally understand – this bizarre but charming egg character is all about apathy and a commitment to doing nothing. Perhaps you know someone exactly like this, and the perfect gift for them might be one of many different types of Gudetama Re-Ment – miniature display pieces of the iconic lazy egg in different situations and forms. The lazy person in your life will love having a kindred spirit that represents their true inner emotions. 

There a few different themed series to pick from. At the moment, we have Gudetama meets more danger, an exciting theme wherein Gudetama can be seen in a range of thrilling (for an egg) scenarios. Secondly, we have Gude Gude Land, where the lazy egg becomes part of theme-park style attractions. If you’re still looking for more Gudetama items, you can check out our friends at Artbox, who carry exclusive Sanrio plushies of Gudetama and his friends, including seasonal festive versions of the iconic egg.

A few of these together will make an awesome desk display for someone who shares Gudetama’s values!
       For someone organised – Cute Stationery
Perhaps if you’re looking for the opposite of our previous recommendation, you might find a great gift for someone organized and efficient from our variety of cute stationery. We have a number of items that can add some kawaii flair to anyone’s pencil-case, whether they’re a busy on-the-go professional or an amateur poet. One of our favourite items from our stationery selection is the Deco Pocky Stick Fineliner Pen, which is not only practical but also adorable. The pen emulates the iconic Japanese snack, and looks great when paired with a Tofu Cute A5 Notebook – because what good is a pen without a notebook to write on it with? 

 For Dog Lovers – A whole range of Amuse Plush
For fans of this kind of four-legged companion, Tofu Cute has a range of plushies in stock, both large and small, to meet the needs of any dog lover. These range from adorable Pometan tiny charms all the way to giant size Mameshiba Tsumiko, both of which represent the natural charms of ‘man’s best friend’

All of our dog amuse plushies come in a range of sizes and colours. For a perfect stocking filler, we recommend the Pometan Lie Down & Done, which come in white and brown colours. For a slightly more unique dog plush, we recommend the Mameshiba Brothers Donut keychain; cute dogs in the shape of donuts. These look great as a small accessory and will show off a love of dogs to the world in a way that is guaranteed to start wholesome conversations.


  For Pokémon Fans – Pokémon Soda and Candy!
Perhaps the person you’re buying a gift for isn’t a fan of cats or dogs. Perhaps they have a singular and intense passion for Pokémon. Don’t worry, as Tofu Cute has a number of gifts for exactly that sort of person!

Firstly, we have a selection of adorable Pokémon themed soda cans. These cute beverages come in a variety of flavours, each with a classic Pokémon proudly illustrated on its exterior. These include a Pikachu can filled with refreshing cucumber water, a Snorlax can filled with Muscat Grape water and a classic Pokéball design featuring traditional sparkling water. With such an iconic selection of Pokémon designs, you’ll no doubt be able to find a tasty beverage for the Pokémon trainer in your life.

But a single soda can is a lonely gift indeed. You’ll need something else Pokémon themed to create a truly awesome gift bundle, right? We’ve got plenty of Pokémon candy that would also work great as a stocking filler, including the always-impressive Pikachu Evolving Taste Ramune Candy, which changes flavour from Strawberry to delicious melon or refreshing watermelon for a unique taste experience. We also have Karipori Pokémon Fruit Candy Sticks – these colourful candy sticks are full of fizz and flavour, and come in adorable packaging featuring your favourite Pokémon!

     A selection of squishy charms!
The appeal of squishy charms is something that is hard to understand until you experience, but there’s certainly a universal sort of appeal to it, hence why this section doesn’t have a specific person in mind – many sorts of people can appreciate the joy of a squishy, so why would we place such limitations on who to gift these to? Perhaps you know someone who appreciates the aesthetic value of desserts  – the Super Squishy Cream Pastry might be the perfect gift for them – a soft coloured dessert to hang on some keys or a phone, ready and waiting to be squished throughout the day.

We’re also able to provide squishies in other fun styles, including Macarons, Cat Paws, Animal Dango, Emoticon Melon Bun, Onigiri, Taiyaki and Pastry. Certainly, there's something for everyone to squish!~

   Did you find what you were looking for?
There's plenty more to find on our website - we've recently added a lot more snacks, as well as festive plushies such as Christmas Loppy and Korohamu WarmIf you visit our Portsmouth shop we'd be happy to provide you with some more gift recommendations. You can also visit our friends at Artbox who also specialise in kawaii character goods and home-ware.Hopefully this guide helped you find the perfect gift - be sure to follow us on our social media to stay informed on the next blog posts from Team Tofu!~



Monday, 25 April 2016

Wooly-chan's Japan Adventure Part 1

Tadaima~ Kiru back again! ^o^

As some of you may have known, I've been away in Japan with my little Baby Wooly buddy~ 
I thought it might be nice to share what myself and Wooly-chan got up to on our Japan adventures! 

So here we are the evening before we leave~ Wooly-chan is ready and super excited! As you can see he's going with Rilakkuma and Monchhichi as he's a little afraid of flying~

On the left is Wooly in Heathrow Airport London waiting to board our plane to Japan~ He was very excited as he hadn't been back to Japan since he was born!
When we left the UK it was beginning to get dark and when we finally arrived in Japan it was also dark, so it felt as though we had been travelling for a whole day (which wasn't far from the truth) (>o<;;)zZz

After a good nights rest we settled into our apartment in the south of Tokyo and then we set off exploring for the day.

We went to the famous Meguro River where we saw our first Cherry Blossoms of the season~ They were so beautiful and nearly as big as Wooly-chan!

After a long day of walking around we decided it was time to have some nice and healthy Sushi!

We hopped on a train in Tokyo and traveled all the way to Hakone, which is a beautiful Onesen town famous for its relaxing hot spring baths and views of Mt. Fuji! Sadly it was a bit too cloudy to see Mt. Fuji this time but the town itself was very reminiscent of Spirited away~ It was very peaceful and dreamlike (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

After a relaxing day Wooly-Chan and I settled into our traditional Japanese style room, which consists of Tatami mats with futon bedding and of course a lovely steaming hot cup of green tea!
Unfortunately Wooly-Chan had watched far too many Japanese horror movies ((( 〇A〇)) and insisted on checking that the cupboard didn't have any spooky ghosts in before he got ready for bed.

That's all for now as Wooly Chan became rather sleepy (=o=zZz
Thank you very much for reading our blog post. Keep an eye out for our next post when Wooly-Chan and Kiru go to Kyoto in part 2 of Wooly Chan's Japan Trip~

Until next time! Part 2 coming soon~
Your Social Media Team Member
Kiru ^o^

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tofu Cute comes to Covent Garden!

Hello everyone! ~

My name is Riv and I will be sharing lots of new updates with you today!

Where is Kiru?! Σ(゜ロ゜;) She is currently spending a few weeks away in Japan (*o*) We miss her so much! We've been keeping in touch with her and it sounds like she is having an amazing time there~ We can't wait for her to come back though (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

If you follow us on any of our social media sites you may have noticed we have recently opened a new concession inside ARTBOX in Covent Garden, London! This is such an exciting opportunity for us and great news for any of you who live in the London area. ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

All of our staff went to the ARTBOX shop super late at night to begin the transformation of our area <3


We painted it our special shade of Tofu Cute pink and added loads of super adorable hanging decorations.

 After all the hard work had been put into making the concession look as cute as possible we had the exciting launch of the opening day! We had goodie bags to give out and we had a special guest appearance from Panda Chan \(*o*)/ It was such an awesome day I had lots of fun with everyone~
You can spot me in one of the pictures below ヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆

If you visited us (or visit us in the future) make sure to tag us #tofucute or #artboxuk so we can see all your photos <3

This weekend we have some of our brand new Amuse products available at the concession only! So, if you want to get your hands on them before anyone else make sure you go there super soon~ Don't worry if you can't make it though because we will be adding all available lines to our website soon. (^3^) Here is a sneak peek at the new collections:

In other Amuse news - we are now listed as an official retailer on the Amuse website! (^w^)
If you want to be sure you are buying genuine Amuse plush always check it is from a listed source!

Thank you for checking out our recent adventures!

Kiru will be back soon with lots of more fun news and events ~

Riv signing off ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Valentines Ideas #2

Hello everyone, Kiru here~ ^o^

Here we are again at that special time of year, as you all may know (and hopefully haven't forgotten!) Valentine's Day is fast approaching; and Tofu Cute is here to help once again! We have lots of delicious and adorable fluffy gift ideas to make you and your partner smile this year. (♥ω♥ )

We have created a page on TofuCute.com specifically for our Valentines day gift ideas, which you can find at the top of our website! (and by just clicking here: ♥Valentines Gift Ideas♥)

This is where you can find the Valentine's gift category on our website ^o^

Once you click the category it will take you to this page full of awesome gift ideas~

So first of all here are some of our gift ideas for many budgets, from our Valentines Gift category (♥o♥)
The first is for those who have a loving but chibi budget, it includes delicious and super kawaii little gifts that come to under £10.00!

The total spend of this gift set would be £9.80♥

Our spotlight product from this gift set would be the ♥Lotte Kancho Love Biscuits♥  which are cute little chocolate biscuits with a delicious creamy chocolate filling. Each biscuit and the box are decorated in love themed characters and little love hearts. (●♡∀♡)

Our second selection of wonderful gifts is for those who wish to reach our minimum spend to qualify for Free UK delivery! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ From irresistible Alpacas to luxury chocolate, you can't go wrong!

Alpacasso Kids Sweet Day Keychain - £4.79
Meiji Melty Kiss chocolate - £4.50
Japanese Pocky - Winter Melty Cocoa - £2.99
Japanese Pocky Real Fruity Flake - £1.99
Hi-Chew Japanese Candy - £1.50
Kit Kat Gift Box 3-Pack - £3.99

The total spend of this gift set would be £20.01♥

From this set we have two highlight products~

This first are these super adorable Alpacasso series ♥Sweet Day♥ keychains and charms, which are just perfect for Valentine's Day, as each one has a ribbon sporting a little felt heart with the words "For You" written on. You can't get much cuter than these little guys! (・ェ-)

The second is of course luxurious ♥Japanese Kit Kats♥ We have a myriad of different delicious and unique flavours that you won't find outside of Japan. Japanese Kit Kats are available in gift box sets of 3 or in loose pairs! It's up to you to choose what you want your other half to try! (You never know, they might even share~) (*・∀-)☆

Our last gift set selection is this adorable colourful set full of both edible and non edible treats, perfect for spoiling that special someone! It rolls in at just under £30.00 which will also qualify for Free delivery within the UK, and is perfect for totally spoiling your favourite person! (*´▽`*)

Japanese Miniatures from Re-Ment - £5.99
Squishy Scented Ice Cream Phone Charm - £2.99

The total spend of this gift set would be £29.55♥

Our spotlight product from this set is ♥Re-Ment♥. Re-Ment are tiny miniature collectables that come in all different themes and characters from companies such as Sanrio, San-X and Sailor Moon! From tiny ornate Little Twin Star mixing machines, to pretty My Melody birthday cakes all the way to Rilakkuma themed bread. There are so many to collect once you get your partner started off, they wont be able to stop!  (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶

If you are still not inspired...(which we doubt!) we also have something a little special to share. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

This is our sister company ♥DreamyBows.com♥ 
Dreamy Bows specialises in Japanese Fashion. They stock clothing brands such as Listen Flavor and Candy Rain, accessories from Chocomint, cosmetics such as Eyemazing, as well as official Bandai Sailor Moon collectibles.

♥Listen Flavor♥ is a long-running Harajuku-based brand which has been a regular favourite in KERA magazine for the last 10 years, due to its unisex appeal and trademark concept of “kawaii with an edge”. Listen Flavor clothing is known for its instantly recognisable mix of pop, rock and cuteness, and is designed to be worn with a pinch of your own unique attitude!

Here are some examples of romance themed tops from Listen Flavor (´∀`)♡

♥Candy Rain♥ is a beautiful feminine indie clothing brand based in China. Each of their creations is full of delicate details, and is perfect for the girly princess in your life. Many of their designs feature floaty fabrics, floral prints, delicate use of layering and romantic motifs such as swans, hearts and roses. 

Here are some examples of stunning creations from Candy Rain 

If clothing isn't for you, Dreamy Bows also has a large range of official Bandai 20th Anniversary ♥Sailor Moon♥ items, including intricate collectible compacts, decorative yet functional cosmetics such as eyeliners and lipsticks, as well as phone accessories such as charapins and earphones.

And lastly Dreamy Bows also has a large range of adorable accessories from ♥Chocomint♥, perfect for any kawaii fashion lover. Chocomint is a cute accessories brand based in Tokyo, Japan. Their girly and pastel coloured hair accessories and jewellery are well-known and loved amongst followers of fairy kei, sweet lolita and other fun street fashion styles. If your special someone is a fabulous fashionista you can add to their wardrobe without fear of disappointment with Dreamy Bows' selection of dreamy accessories! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

Thank you so much for reading this week's blog post, we hope it's got you thinking of kawaii ideas to make your partner smile! If you are super and single this year then why not spoil yourself and shower yourself in kawaii goodies like the god/goddess in you deserves.. because who's going to judge you?  (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

♥Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Tofu Cute!♥ 

Until next time,
Your social media team member, Kiru! ^o^

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Candy Festival at Hyper Japan.

Hello everybody! Kiru here~
Some of you may have visited our pop up shop at Hyper Japan last month. If you did you would have seen that we had many interesting areas to visit, including Tofu Cute Snacks, Amuse Mini Shop, The Amuse Photo Opportunity, our sister company Dreamy Bows and last but not least, tucked away at the back, Tofu Cute x Hyper Japan Candy Festival!
This was the 3rd Candy Festival we have run and it was by far the most fun and enjoyable yet! 

For those that haven't been, some may be wondering what Candy Festival is?
Well... Candy Festival is a Japanese snacks tasting area that allows each person to try a wide variety of delicious and kawaii sweet confectionery from Japan.

How does it work?

Well you come on over to our Tofuken Sales Kiosk and purchase some Tofukens for £1 each!
You then receive a tray to put your delicious snacks on..

If you were very good you might also get a Candy Festival sticker which reads "Official Taste Tester" We know that most people come to Hyper Japan just to get these very stickers and then go home. We completely understand.. it's fabulous and also... very..very official. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

You then take your tray over to one of our charming Candy Chefs~ "Hello Chef!"  ( ・ω・)ノ

We had 6 different sections of Japanese Candy to choose from, Biscuits, Candy, Puccho (chewy sweets), Chocolate, Pocky and Japanese Kit Kats~ Some of our "Candy Tasters" would have a flick through their Candy Guide to see what sort of candy they wanted to try, whilst they waited to be served.  

For every Tofuken our Candy Chef would dish you up a portion of lucky dip Japanese candy pick-n-mix~ So it was very exciting~ Too exciting for some ╰(✧∇✧╰)

We had lots of happy Taste Testers~ Some had never tried Japanese Candy before so it was really fun! Some wanted to see what was so cute and kawaii about Japanese snacks~ And now they know all about it  ♪(((#^-^)八(^_^*)))♪

We got some really cool photographs of lots of yummy looking trays. As you can see there was quite a lot of variety. Everyone got to try lots of different flavours, shapes and sizes of Japanese snacks.
Here are some awesome examples of what sort of candy you might get from Candy Festival~

Thank you for reading our Blog and we hope you enjoyed learning about Candy Festival. If you did attend Hyper Japan and participated in Candy Festival we would love to know what you thought of it~ (^O^)?

And last of all a huge thank you from all the Tofu Cute team for making Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 one of the best and most amazing events we have ever done!

From everyone here at Tofu Cute we wish you all a very Merry Christmas ~ and the best of wishes for 2016.  See you all next year~

Your social media team member
Kiru ^o^